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Root 8


A fully vegan and gluten-free restaurant, Root 8 is serving up delicious dishes with local ingredients. Located in the heart of Beamsville, Root 8 has a variety of plant-based recipes to help everyone live a healthier lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of @Root8vegan

Owner, Johna McColl had struggled with food sensitivities her whole life. After changing her lifestyle to become vegan and gluten free she found that going out to restaurants was extremely difficult and menu options were limited. After creating her very own vegan, gluten-free catering company, she decided to open Root 8 to accommodate people who have chosen this lifestyle, whether it be for health changes, allergies, sensitivities or better digestion.

Photo courtesy of @Root8vegan

With a menu that consists of both, classic heart-healthy dishes, such as salads and soups, to comfort food classics like cali wings, mac and cheese, and nachos, there’s something for everyone to indulge in at Root 8.

Photo courtesy of @Root8vegan

If you’re looking to have a girls’ night with some friends or a date night with someone special, Root 8 is also a licensed establishment that serves local beers, wines, ciders as well as local spirits. Not in the mood for a cocktail? Root 8 is also well-known for their fresh, cold press juices or their soy and lactose-free smoothies, like the chocolate monkey or green goddess.

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