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5 Ways to Have a Happy and Healthy 2017 in Beamsville


When a New Year arrives, we tend to make resolutions for a healthier and fuller lifestyle. This year, make resolutions that are easy and fun to stick to. Beamsville offers fun activities for those looking for an enjoyable year ahead.

Eat Fresh and Organic

Photo Courtesy of Littlefoot Farm

Eating better is a popular New Years’ resolution for many people. Visit Littlefoot Farm to pick up the items on your grocery list. Littlefoot Farm is a unique purveyor of edible delights, such as; locally raised meats, eggs and garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. This Beamsville favourite provides all the staples that you’ll feel good about eating and proud to serve to your family.

Spend More Quality Time

Photo Courtesy of Niagara Falls Tourism

Get together with friends and family in January to watch the dazzling fireworks light up the night sky over Niagara Falls. Every Friday evening in January, Niagara Falls will put on a spectacular fireworks display that is sure to fill you with wonder and delight.

Try Something New


If you’re looking to try something you’ve never tried before, consider visiting the Niagara Icewine Festival. Given its nickname – liquid gold – Icewine is a pleasantly sweet aperitif and digestif wine. Icewine is a Canadian treasure enjoyed by many and grown specifically in the Niagara Region. Stop by the festival this winter to learn more about liquid gold and expand your wine knowledge for the year ahead.

Embrace an Active Lifestyle


Avoid the crowded indoor gyms this year and take advantage of the scenic hiking trails throughout Beamsville. Located in the breathtaking Twenty Valley, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area provides walking trails and natural beauty for all who visit. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air and explore this conservation area all year round.

Treat Yourself


If you’ve resolved to treat yourself more in 2017 then a visit to some of Beamsville’s incredible restaurants should fill the bill. Located on King Street, August Restaurant serves up culinary masterpieces that reflect the Niagara Region in the best way. Try their mushroom and spinach crepe or fresh herb gnocchi with wild boar bacon.

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