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Dillion’s Small Batch Distillers


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Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers was the product of love for fine spirits and Canadian pride. Dillon’s is a family run business, established in 2012 by Gary Huggins and his son-in-law Geoff Dillon. Chosen for its close proximity to fresh ingredients, Dillon’s is located just outside the Town of Beamsville.

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Taking pride in their small batch products and artistic labels, Dillon’s is different from other distilleries. Their vodka and gin are made from a base of 100% Niagara grapes and their rye spirit from 100% Ontario rye grain. Many of their herbs are also grown by local farmers or by Dillon’s themselves.

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The quaint design of the distillery perfectly matches their labels. A clean, classic look to remind you of their small beginnings and Canadian values. Fresh white walls, lined with their beautiful bottles of spirits accent the rustic wood counter tops, which are topped with succulent plants. Although small, Dillon’s packs a big punch, making a variety of whiskies, ryes, vodkas, gins and even bitters.

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Located right off the Queen Elizabeth Highway, Dillon’s is the perfect place to stop and explore while you’re visiting the Golden Horseshoe. However, if you can’t fit a visit to their distillery into your schedule you can also purchase their delicious spirits from your local LCBO.

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